Commercial Locksmith Services

Yelm Locksmith services commercial locks and doors. We can repair, rekey, and replace your commercial locks, exit devices, and master key systems. Yelm Locksmith is also versed in necessary fire, safety, and ADA codes to keep your building or complex safe and compliant.

Commercial Door Service

Yelm Locksmith can install and repair commercial doors, commercial locks, and exit devices. Are your doors ADA, fire, and safety compliant?

High Security Systems

Need a higher level of security for money, assets, or evidence. We provide high tech, high security services.

Restricted Keyway Systems

Restricted keyway systems prevent employees from copying your keys so you don't have to rekey when an employee leaves your company.

Master Key Systems

Master key systems provide both convenience and security. Full access for admins and selective access for employees by having different keys for the same lock.