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Automotive Locksmith Services

Automotive keys are no longer simple. Technologies have been implemented to prevent car theft and secure your vehicle. Modern car keys have a transponder chip embedded in them that communicates with your vehicle's immobilizer system to verify the key is authorized to start the car. Because of this technology, new keys must not only be cut to the correct code, but must be equipped with the proper transponder chip. Sometimes they must be precoded with some data about your specific vehicle and then they must be programmed to your car's computer before they will start the car. Yelm Locksmith specializes in this process, and we make keys for almost any vehicle including brand new vehicles. 

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Replace Lost Car Keys

Lost your car or truck keys? We can make you a new set of keys for almost any vehicle with only your VIN number. We can also replace your remote to lock and unlock your car. 

Transponder Chip Keys

Remember when keys were simple? Not any more. Yelm Locksmith can make and copy transponder equipped keys and program them to your immobilizer system.

ReKey Auto Locks

Have you replaced a door lock or ignition? We can rekey that lock to match your others and make it  work like it should with ONE KEY!

Key Extraction

Did the key break in your lock? No problem, we can extract the broken key and make you a new one.

Repair & Replace Ignitions

Ignitions are integral to modern

immobilizer systems. Call us about your ignition issues.

Emergency Trunk Opening

Not only can we open your passenger compartment, we can often open the secure trunk of most vehicles, including Mercedes and BMW.

Replace Worn Out Keys

Do you have a key that is Heavily worn and doesn't work well? We can decode your work out key and Make a factory fresh key for the price of a duplicate. 

Secure Padlocks

Need a secure padlock or a padlock that opens with your house or building key? We stock high quality, secure padlocks you just cant buy at stores.

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